A Letter to Dad on Father’s Day


I write this on the eve of Father’s Day with a heart full of gratefulness. When I was little and I would fall you taught me that I was strong enough to get up and try again. In my 30’s when I fell, and my world fell  with me, you told me the same thing and I still believe you. I’m standing today because of the lessons I have learned from you.


Dad and Liz (2)


In the mornings I saw you sitting there with your Bible open, reading and praying before the day began. You taught me to love God first and foremost. In junior high when we drove to school and my friends talked about “coach McCormick” pulling in the parking lot cranking out “the oldies” I cringed. Today I still play my car radio loud and play the finer music of Boston, and Creedence and Fleetwood Mac on vinyl because that’s the way music should be heard.  I learned the term “walk it off” from you and findEK_0046 (2) - Copy myself repeating words like “tuna lipper” and “bubblehead” and “dip stick” when I’m frustrated. I watched you coach and give selflessly in the classroom for years, my whole life really. You have a heart for kids on the fringe and you and mom always have. I watch you now, retired, still working with them and mentoring. You answer that call in the middle of the day or night because they don’t know who else will be there. You are. You walk with them in the dark places of life and even into the hospitals and jails just to let them know they have a God who loves them and you in their corner believing they can rise above. I learned that from you too. If I have learned anything about loving people, I have learned it by example.

On father’s day, Dad, there are so many things that I could say and write about the person that you are and how grateful I am to be your daughter. I know that I am grown now and capable in my own right. I still love that you will stop by to help me fix that faucet or change an air filter and talk me through a problem with your quiet logic. You don’t have to but you do, just because, and I love that.  So not just today but today especially, know how much I love you. Happy Father’s Day.

Orange VW Bus0001 (2)
Phoenix,AZ 1979
Elizabeth and Dad
Sedona, AZ 1980
Bandon, OR 2016
Bandon, OR 2016

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