Picking a Fight

I had just about talked myself into believing everything was okay when the phone rang.  My doctor’s voice, not her assistant, was on the other end of the line and that’s when time stopped. I heard the words. Hell, I was even writing them down. I’m a nurse. I know this process. I know this... Continue Reading →


A Machine Full of Pearls

A recent Instagram post reminded me of a blog I wrote several years ago as a nursing student. As we are on-boarding new graduates and seeing a wave of  new students making their way into the units this month I found myself reminiscing those pre-RN days. Sometimes I do this with fond memories and mostly... Continue Reading →

Batter Up…Blog!

The water from the pool sparkled beneath the hot Arizona sun. Standing above it on a 12 foot dive I debated the wisdom in attempting a plunge headlong from such a point.  Sucking in a large breath I bounced once and launched forward. Timing and trajectory miscalculated, I flopped. In the second between the sinking... Continue Reading →

I Survived ACLS

I wrote this almost four years ago, a timid senior nursing student trying to branch out from my pursuit of psychiatric nursing. Recently I took the re-certification for ACLS and laugh reading this as I still felt many of the same jumbled emotions. Real codes and the processes and pharmacology are more familiar to me now.... Continue Reading →

The Three Year Itch

I was perusing some of my previous blogs written during nursing school the other day. As I scrolled through I found myself smiling, I vaguely remember that nursing student. She was full of spirit and faith and gung-ho on building a solid psychiatric nursing career. Naïvely she believed in a practice without bias and thought... Continue Reading →

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