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A collection of nursing pearls and life lessons gathered from chance experience. This is a space to celebrate the odd, laugh at the humorous, and bang my head against the written wall for those moments every nurse encounters that paints the picture of and colors the job that we do. It is also a space to share life experiences and humanness, outside the walls of the hospital.

I am a critical care nurse with a background in psychiatric and med/surg nursing. I titled the blog “The Dirt Road” because I do not believe that life travels like a slick freeway from zero to success. Instead it reminds me of the dirt roads that I grew up on; colored and impacted by those moments where I was rattled to the bone, stuck in momentary potholes and had to slow down to avoid the occasional flying stones. My life and my career have wound their way around these things in a slow, sometimes redirected path. It was during these moments that truly interesting encounters occurred. This blog serves as a memory of those. It is my hope that it inspires you, makes you laugh or at the very least keeps you entertained.

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